Traffic Safety For New Hampshire

We are a resource for New Hampshire, and we are here to help.

Traffic Safety for New Hampshire provides resources designed to educate all of New Hampshire regarding the risks while being behind the wheel and a passenger in a motor vehicle. Efforts will be placed in providing information about the highway safety educational efforts that exist within our state and identifying ways towards reducing the risks in a motor vehicle.


What is Traffic Safety for New Hampshire?

During 2021 in New Hampshire 123 traffic deaths were logged, marking an 18% increase from 2020. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) 94% of all crashes are preventable. Traffic Safety for New Hampshire works diligently with several stakeholders and partners all year round to develop highway safety educational material for all of New Hampshire.

our vision Vision:

The state of New Hampshire is where everyone is making safe choices and getting to each destination carefully while in a motor vehicle.

our strategy Strategy:

We develop robust traffic safety prevention by maintaining best practice and up to date resources while providing educational material to target and reduce crashes, and unsafe habits.

our mission Mission:

Traffic Safety for New Hampshire is a resource for prevention of motor vehicle crashes.

our goals Goals:

Our goal is to reduce the amount of crashes and prevent crashes in the state of New Hampshire.