Videos Occupant Protection

Occupant protection begins with the use of the proper car seat for our young children. This 30 second PSA creatively shows the importance of everyone being safe, every time.

Melissa Fifield is one of two women who professionally race with NASCAR. In this 30 second PSA, Melissa discusses the importance of seat belt use on or off the track.

Chelsea Fuller lost her life in a crash shortly before her 18th birthday. She was unbelted and ejected. Based on how well her vehicle held up in the crash, had she been restrained and not ejected she very likely would be alive today. 30 second PSA.

This is the full-length version of the Chelsea Fuller video “Get To Where You Are Going”.

This 30 second “Embrace Life” PSA was created by Sussex Safer Roads. Not a word is spoken but it so perfectly shows the value that each of our lives have to someone, actually many someones. Please Buckle up.