Videos Distracted Driving

Michael Phelps, a retired Concord NH high school teacher, was killed in a crash in Allenstown, NH, when a young, single mom distracted by her phone ran a red light. This video shows the impact on the Phelps family and on the young woman who caused the crash.

This distracted driving video was created by AT&T as part of their “It Can Wait” educational campaign. It tells the story of a the crash, caused by a driver using the phone, and how it forever changed the lives of Jacy Good, her family and many others.
At the age of 17, Donald “DW” Flanders’ life was forever changed when the vehicle he was riding in was struck by another vehicle being driven by a distracted driver. This crash happened on Route 28 in Barnstead, NH. Unfortunately, serious injury crashes like this happen over and over again. They are preventable.
Chad Belleville received a text from his girlfriend and look down to read it, while driving, causing the crash that resulted in the life changes injuries to DW Flanders. Chad discusses the impact on his life and acknowledges that when driving distracted the crash isn’t a matter of if, it is a more a matter of when.