Seat Belts For All Coalition

The Seat Belts For All Coalition is a group that supports and educates around best practice of seat belts and is working to guide the enhancement of seat belt use in New Hampshire by building upon the current law, that including those up to age 18, to include every one.

The above infographics show the rate of seat belt use in NH compared to the national averages for 2015-2019. Each year NH lags behind in seat belt use by having the lowest belt usage rate when compared to any state across the country.

The graph above looks at the percentage of unbelted occupants of motor vehicle crashes who were killed on NH roadways compared to national averages for 2014-2018. In NH, the consistantly low belt use rate directly relates to the state having the highest unbelted fatality rate every year.

Seat belts are simple straps, but they save lives in crashes every day. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety does extensive research on vehicles and continues to find that the main safety device available in all vehicles in the seat belt.

#BuckleUpNH #EveryTripEveryTime

If you would like to share the infographics from the images above, please download the PDF document below.